First Draft Panel Idea

OK, I decided to try out a general panel design tonight. I based it around a Tornado GR4 in shape. As illustrated in the image to the left you will see 3 MFD's two main ones which I intend to use project magenta Fighter MFD software on, and a central lowered one on which I'm aiming to run FS Commander or equivalent  moving/ flight planning software. The central MFD would be touch screen allowing the creation and ad-hoc changing of flight plans as needed. The gear lever is based upon a GR4 gear elver however I'm not entirely worried about getting it spot on. I would happily use a different gear lever if one became available.

The central dials that are displayed are where I would have the Altimeter, HSI, Attitude Indicator and Airspeed indicator.

Initial Base Design

So I had a think about the base design for the project today. The picture to the left is what I came up with. I figure it will have to be able to support a fair bit of weight so have ensured there is plenty of floor support built into the base frame. I have considered putting some sort of Castor or wheel on the bottom of the base to make the Sim easy to move and transport as needed, but will have to investigate if the base will be strong enough to be suspended on wheels. This design is to be made out of wood.