Hello and Welcome to my Simpit project homepage.

Having read many other pit builders pages I felt this would be a good way to document my progress, highlight any problems and how I overcame them thus hopefully inspiring more people to start building a home simulator.

My simpit is going to be a generic fighter cockpit as I fly quite a lot of different fighter aircraft, mainly the Tornado GR4/F3, Harrier GR9 (AV8B), Eurofighter Typhoon, F18 Super Hornet.

My simulator will be running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Possibly FSX depending on advancements as I proceed with the project. My reason for choosing this simulator is basically because my online Org (www.rafsim.com) runs it and its what I spend most of my simming hours in.

I have a few certain objectives in mind for this project, some of which wont be completed for a long time and some of which I am putting quite highly on the priority list. Firstly I am aiming to have a fully working HUD and MFD's. Secondly, my ultimate goal will be to have 3 sided projection visuals.

As for the actual interior, at this point I'm not sure whats going to be in there. I have a fair idea of how it will look shape wise but thats it.

Anyway, I will try to keep this page updated with progress, although it will be slow going to start with. Step 1 finalise the pit design and build a carboard mockup to judge sizes.

Check Back Soon!